Rainbow Face Painting and Body Art 
 Professional, HiGH quality, award winning Sydney-based face painting - when you are after only the very best of Face and Body Art for all occasions. 

 Make your parties, corporate promotion or celebration, private, public or community event stand out from the crowd. For corporate events I am able to supply a team of quality artists.  

Win that best dressed competition! Get that memorable office photo that will sit on the noticeboard for years! All the kids face paints on the Gallery Page were painted at real events and parties   Not just face painting,  it's face art!

Face painting is a rare opportunity for children to exercise choice and personal expression and it is a pampering experience.  The high quality top of the range face paints are light to wear and the specialised brushes and sponges are very relaxing and soft  - it feels like a massage or a gentle facial! From the moment their turn comes until they look in the mirror and smile at themselves my customers enjoy their own special turn in the spotlight. 

It's not just about the end result, the process is part of the experience too and I love what I do and bringing that bit of magic to kids of all ages. So sit back and enjoy the smiles as Rainbow Faces surprise your guests big and small, delighting and transforming them with our face art skills.  

Repeat clients and word of mouth is by far our leading source of new bookings.. Would you like a quote to provide talented artists for your events? Please fill in an inquiry form and contact me through my online booking page      Save
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