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So excited to see my body paint collaboration with Thom Kerr (photographer) and his makeup his team late last year, has been published in the beautiful new Australian fashion magazine Laud, launched in January 2016.

2015 Body Art Winner at the Face2Face Makeup Awards, Sydney
Theme: Australiana

My entry was called' The Pelican Whisperer' it was based on the rare Australian Natural Wonder that occurs when northern floodwaters transform Lake Eyre from a dry desert salt pan to a temporary oasis and breeding ground, teeming with life and colour.  No one knows how the small coastal pelican colonies know it's time to fly inland in a mass migration, some say they hear it on the wind...

Above: Award winning Body Artist Helen Beasley with Model: Tanya Head 
Runner Up at the 2015 Australian Body Art Awards, Sydney
Face Painting Championships

The theme was 'Stairway to Heaven' .
My entry was called 'Religion of the Holy Water'.  My concept explores the Balinese philosophy of reincarnation and their path to a divine heaven through simple living, humble daily offerings of thanks to their Gods, and purification through water.

Award winning face art by Helen Beasley, Model: Anne Ilvers

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