Rainbow Faces by Helen
Face Painting - Balloon Twisting - Airbrush Tattoos - Henna 
Face Painting for Westmead Children's Hospital fundraising and patient events including a special visit to The Prime Minister's Sydney Residence Kirribilli House for Ms Turnbull's Annual Easter Egg Hunt.

More makeup for a good cause!

Rainbow Face Painting had a wonderful time painting the 50 dedicated staff and volunteers of The Wayside Chapel for the 2016 Sydney Mardi Gras Parade, marching for love and equality, without reservations or judgement.

SEPT 2015 welcomed International Body Artist Miguel Angel from Columbia visited Sydney for the Australian Body Art Awards Convention.I attended his classes in Body Painting and his unique method of latex Mask Making 

Above Right : Body Art collaboration with fellow student Amy Grigg at Miguel's post-convention body painting workshop. Model: Nikki
Model Tara Brooks, Hair and MUA Velvet and Photographer Johan Weston collaborate with me on a Abandoned Vintage Funfair shoot - epic!

Its always a delight to do the makeup for Andre's performance at Mr Pole Dance (First Runner Up in 2014 with this ringmaster themed showstopper) and this years wildcat theme.

Painted on jeans!

Meeting body painting legend from the USA Mark Reid and attending his jeans workshop class was a truly highlight of the year!
below is the pair of jeans I painted on under his mentoring at his Australian Body Art Awards Convention class,  Adelaide 2015 (model is wearing g-string only)

It doesn't get better than being painted as a Game of Thrones White Walker by face painting royalty Nick Wolfe on his Australian Tour in Nov 2014


UV Body Art by Helen Beasley of Rainbow Face and Body Art

Model: Sacha Harrison
"Starry, starry night
Flaming flowers that brightly blaze
Swirling clouds in violet haze
Reflect in Vincent's eyes of china blue"

Inspired by the lyrics of Don McLean's song Vincent , 'Starry Starry Night' my UV bodypaint tribute to my favourite artist and painting, The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh

Rainbow Faces had a wonderful collaboration with Photographer Johan Weston, Model: Tara Brooks and MUA Jessica Byles in this Red-White-Blue body paint image which was selected for a full-page of the new American fashion magazine Pastiche's first issue!

Post by The Wayside Chapel.

For this year's 'City to Surf ' event I donated some body painting for Deiter, running in The Wayside Chapel's team, who raised a whopping $25,000 for the charity! fantastic work and a pleasure to be involved with the effort and an organisation that supports the homeless in the Kings Cross Area with love without judgement!  
Learning some graffiti art skills in a 3-day workshop with artist and industry legend, Wiser Oner

Body Painting at the Sydney Mardi Gras

I had a ball painting for the Hot Kandi Float: 'Warriors for Love' alongside the Makeup School Sydney. Marching for Breast Cancer Awareness, and using the Mark Anthony and Cleopatra love story as a theme for their float, it celebrated all kinds of love worth fighting for.  The Romans and Egyptians were completely painted with either gold or bronze and adorned with ancient symbols.


The full set of project images is on my Facebook Business Page under Photos/albums

Raising awareness and acceptance for sufferers of Alopecia Aerata

Early this year I was inspired by a lovely lady called Francis Darwin, based in Canada, who runs a worldwide network of henna artists available to decorate the heads of people suffering hair loss due to chemotherapy or alopecia ('Henna Heals').  Her beautiful images really touched me and I decided to try to do something similar here at home using both henna and face paint and named it 'The Turning Heads Art Crown Project 2012'.  Once I tentatively approached and discussed my ideas with the amazingly supportive Chel, President of the Australian Alopecia Areata Foundation (AAAF), the project hasn't looked back!  Alopecia is a non-life threatening autoimmune disease causing unexplained hair loss. Alopecia exists in a few forms, but it can effect any gender, any age. It is not well understood or spoken about openly, and amongst other things two aims of the project were to 1. bring some empowerment to sufferers and positive attention to the part of the body sufferers usually try to hide from others and 2. to use the art images to educate and  promote acceptance for their condition.

Images of the alopecian models and project artwork (courtesy of Lina Hayes Photography) and their stories have made it to the front page of my local paper, into 'That's Life' Magazine, AAAF Corporate Christmas Cards and have been shared and blogged on websites around the world.  The project images even inspired the writing of a beautiful song - "All of the Strands" by Sydney Band "Redwoods".  The enthusiam for the project was such that I had models with alopecia flying in just to participate. I have decorated crowns from NSW, QLD, SA and Vic. 

My sincere thanks to Chel, Lina and Francis, all the beautiful models - whether they were shy, excited, teary or nervous  - who sat for me - it was a pleasure to meet and chat with you and help you in this small way - thank you for the many warm hugs!  Thanks too to the families and friends in the wonderful wider alopecia community for welcoming me into their world.  I have come out so much richer for the journey.

Early morning face painting with Heather! painting cricket fans posing with Brett Lee for Foxtel and Bridgeclimb

Rainbow Faces Teams has been face painting for the fans at ANZ Stadium for the NRL Finals for the last 3 years - always a fun day!

Learning some new illustrative skills from Dutch Bihary (above right), touring from the USA and with his mentoring tackled my first airbrush body paint (above left)

 3 day face and body art workshop with 2 amazingly talented ladies, Annie Reynolds and Lynne  Jamieson who introduced me to the beautiful creative world of body painting -thank you!

Educational Program Volunteer with Sculpture By The Sea

TV APPEARANCES: Did you catch Helen The Elf, on Channel 9's The Today Show? she was painting roving host Emma Friedman, at the Balmain-Rozelle Christmas in July Festival

2010 Bec (Becstar) Anthony 2 day Workshop


Meeting and being painted by the Master Face Painters, "
Evil Twins" Nick and Brian WOLFE Sept 12th 2010

November 2010
Maria Mormile,
3D and UV Workshop


My kids with Captain Hook (left) ,Tinkerbell and Nana (right) of Peter Pan, NUMS


Harry and I with Nathan Foley of Hi-5! at the Bella Vista Bush Christmas


with Yellow Wiggle, Sam Moran at Target KIDS DAY OUT!

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